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This is the haircolor education you should have gotten in beauty school, but never did

Home-Based Salon Lessons: $99 EACH, Unlimited Playback and use

How to Plan & Permit a Successful Home-Based Salon

How to Plan & Permit a Successful Home-Based Salon

Thinking about working for yourself at home? This is the perfect place to start. Don't invest in a single item until you invest in this. You must map out the Planning & Permitting Phase before you can do anything else. Feed your brain some food-for-thought about the order of operation before you take the leap!

How to Design & Build a Successful Home-Based Salon

How to Design & Build a Successful Home-Based Salon

This lesson will keep you on track and help you think of everything! The biggest piece of advice I can give you is: You are the expert! You need to be involved every step of the way. You know what you need your salon to be like, not just design: but functionality. No contractor will know this better than you, so be ready to bring your expertise.

How to Setup and Start a Successful Home-Based Salon

How to Setup and Start a Successful Home-Based Salon

This lesson is huge! It’s everything you need to do to set up your home based salon. We’re covering Business Structure Options, Accounting, Opening Orders, Salon Specific Furniture & Fixtures, Salon Websites and more.


Single Lessons: $65 Each, Unlimited Playback and Use

Three Lesson Course Bundles: $195 Each, Unlimited Playback and Use


Owner’s Suite: $796, Unlimited playback and use for 10 Students

Meet Your Teacher

Heather Ward Kepshire, Creator

  • Educated in San Francisco
  • Refined in Boston
  • Thrived Everywhere Else


I’m a hairstylist, a haircolor curriculum creator, and home-based salon guru. I know first hand that none of us receives the education we thought we would get in Beauty School, no matter how much we paid for it. When I graduated and passed my State Boards I knew virtually nothing about haircolor formulation or running a business.


Yet still 15 years later, newly licensed hairstylists continue to struggle as they graduate feeling unprepared. The conversation I love having is one to inspire and guide you in the beauty industry, and hopefully get you thinking about working for yourself either from home with a legal home-based salon, or on your own in a salon suite.


Working from home finally gave me the profitability and flexibility that I was craving. The first 10 years of my career I felt like I was a prisoner in commission-based salons and breaking free from a traditional salon environment was the only way I finally found work/life balance.


I am bridging the gap between the Beauty School education you received, and all the things you need to know so you can thrive behind the chair quickly.


Every hairstylist deserves the chance to have a profitable career, regardless of the salon they work in or the brand of products they use. If you want to make more money, feel more confident with haircolor formulation, and learn how to go out on your own, you’re in the right place.

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It's About Time

The New Way to Educate



Hello Hairstylists.

You probably already know this: There is a piece missing from the way we are educated.

Beauty Schools focus on helping us pass our State Board Exams, but not much more. That leaves us with a huge gap between a beauty school education and having a fruitful career, especially as a haircolorist. That gap is usually bridged by in-house salon education, unfortunately that means the education you receive is highly subjective and limited to your co-workers knowledge and your current color line. Do not limit yourself.

Beauty School Remix® is the place to come after beauty school is over, when you have a lot of questions about haircolor. If your cosmetology license was a Bachelor’s Degree, this education is the equivalent of pursuing a masters degree so you can truly become a specialist with haircolor.

Here you will find a 12-part curriculum, made up of simple science, concise explanations, personal experiences, real client formulations, and easy to remember rules all to set you up for maximum success. The best part is: it’s brand-neutral, and uncensored. It’s real advice with only one goal: To help the newly-licensed succeed and get them up to speed to start having a successful career.

You can access these lessons from any device and at any time of day. Plus, you have options. If you just need a refresher, you buy any lesson ala carte, or if you are a salon owner you can buy the whole package including homework, salon exercises, teacher’s handbook, and more.

This is the way it should have been all along: Simple lessons, simple pricing, knowledge forever.


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Here are common symptoms of a struggling hairstylist

You are not making enough money

You are not making enough money

You don’t feel confident formulating haircolor

You don’t feel confident formulating haircolor

Your haircolor clients are not rebooking with you

Your haircolor clients are not rebooking with you

You struggle to consult with haircolor clients and present them a plan

You struggle to consult with haircolor clients and present them a plan

You notice that your haircolor results are inconsistent

You notice that your haircolor results are inconsistent

You spend a lot of time doing haircolor redos

You spend a lot of time doing haircolor redos


What if I can help you become an expert in haircolor theory? What if I told you it’s not even that hard?  After you complete these lessons you will gain the confidence to consult well with clients, formulate perfectly, and reduce your anxiety behind the chair.  In return your clients will be so happy that they will actually grow your clientele for you so…. You make more money!

Here’s how it works:

• Enroll today in any Beauty School Remix course or lesson

• Gain instant access to lessons and materials 24/7, and watch them as many times as you need

• Quickly become a master in haircolor formulation and eliminate redos

• Finally get consistent results! Happy Clients! Make more $$$

• Guaranteed!

What They Say

- Jo C., Previous Student


"(Heather’s) attention to detail with out losing creativity is so inspiring. Her drive to always improve and never stop learning are the qualities we need in more educators!"

- Kristen G., Previous Student

Salon Owner

"Thank you Heather for your attention to detail and support over the years. I always looked forward to class with you. You were important in creating a baseline for my success. What I've learned through you has enabled me to be confident and creative with my color applications."

- Jessica M., Previous Student


"Some things you can't learn or understand just by reading, you have to have someone with prior experience explain it to you. Heather was that person who taught me all about hair coloring and help me mold who I am today. Thank you for helping me succeed and become the best colorist I can be."

-Kat M., Previous Student

Salon Owner

Heather was the first educator that really wasn't afraid to push my limits, challenge me, and always ask me why? Why are you choosing to do this over that? Why choose that tool? What's another option? She has a true interest and heart for helping others succeed. She's an asset to have.