Home Salon Design Inspiration: McoutureStudio81

I am OBSESSED with the design of this studio: McoutureStudio81.  This is the epitome of industrial chic. 

Photo & Salon Credit: May Sayumporn of McoutureStudio81


This particular salon is located in Chiangmai, in the northern part of Thailand.  I have never traveled to Thailand, but it is definitely on my list of places to go.  And honestly, looking through this salon’s instagram it makes me want to go even more!  Maybe just to get my hair done.  


Here’s why the design works:


  • The stained concrete has wonderful variation and interest that really elevates the entire look.


  • The windows are phenomenal.  This is a great example of when the architectural details of a space can be the star, and studio decor can complement it, instead of compete with it.


  • If you look carefully…. like, very carefully, you can see that almost all of the furniture is on caster wheels which means versatility for the space.  Switch up the arrangement or push everything out of the way to host anything you’d like. 


Thank you so much for letting me share your beautiful space @McoutureStudio81 


Design Board Inspired By McoutureStudio81:


  1.  Abilene Backwash Shampoo Unit, $636
  2.  Zeyu Farmhouse Pendant Light, $53
  3.  Acid Stained Concrete, Price Variable
  4.  VASAGLE Clothes Rack, $63
  5.  Aston Salon Styling Chair in Black – Low Profile Square, $334
  6.  Variable Oddities to Add Interest
  7.  Rustic Console Sofa Table, $172
  8.  Etagere Bookcase, $264

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