Home Salon Design Inspiration: Studio C

Nothing brings me more joy than scrolling through my feed of beautiful hair and seeing a beautiful salon space!  That is such an amazing accomplishment. When you are in the design phase, it becomes hard to find smaller scale studio, suite, or home-based salon design inspiration.  But I found a good one! I came across this image of a studio salon, and I loved it.  The salon is called Studio C.

Photo Credit: Carissa N Chris Thompson


 It looks so welcoming and updated.   Here are a couple things that are really working well for this salon design:  

  • I love that the ceiling is a dark color, it really helps to create a sophisticated look and makes the space look taller.  
  • The polished floors really reflect light well so there is a lot of brightness throughout.
  • I also love the natural stain wood beam, the dark metal accents, and the soft furnishings.  It’s a great mix of industrial and boho chic.  


Amazing job on your beautifully designed space, @studioc_hairstylist I think your studio is so beautiful!


Design Board: Inspired by Studio C



  1. Minerva Aria Salon Styling Chair, $349
  2. Rotatable Linear Vanity Mirror Light, $136
  4. Foster Chair, $369
  5. Diamond 34 in. Dark Brown Medium Round Wood Coffee Table with Smooth Top, $605
  6. Feathers Wall Hanging, $65
  7. Farmhouse Style Cone Wall Sconce, $62
  8. Handmade Moroccan Leather Filled Ottoman Brown Round Pouf, $143
  9. Avant Ultra Shampoo System with White Bowl, $675
  10. Ovid Tangerine Rust Area Rug, $237

Paint Color Palette:

Sherwin Williams Naval: SW 6244

Sherwin Williams Pool House: SW 7603

Sherwin Williams White Flour: SW 7102


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