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Do Hairstylists Have Hairstylists?

I love getting my hair done! When I travel I make an effort to book a hair appointment wherever I am going.  I’ve had my hair done in Belize, France, Dominican Republic, Ireland, England, and most of the United States.  


But you know what? I have learned that most hairstylists never schedule appointments for their own hair.  Instead the experience is usually something like this: 

  • Get it done when you have a free minute at work, and when (by the grace of God) one of your co-workers has a free minute too.  
  • Coordinate to come in on a day off and do your co-workers hair while your own hair is processing.  
  • Or worse still, we sometimes take matters into our own hands.  


Because of that a lot of hairstylists (especially seasoned ones) actually grow to hate having their hair done.  And that is a problem.  By not carving out time in your life to actually set up an appointment to get your hair done in a salon like a normal client you are missing our on a bit opportunity for professional development.

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Lady In Waiting: The Art of Running a Successful Wait List 

Is there anything worse than watching a gloriously busy, beautifully booked-up week start to fall apart with last-minute cancellations?  It’s as if you’re watching your paycheck fly away.


In the hair industry, the most sought after advice tends to be: “How to Grow Your Clientele”.  However, keeping a full schedule is not all about growth and sourcing new clients.  Keeping an active Wait List is the rest of that conversation.  Once you have a great client base, a Wait List is how you make sure to stay 90-100% booked all the time.  I’m going to show you: 

  • Why a Wait List needs to be easy, accessible and quick to manage
  • How to successfully use it
  • How to work it into your verbiage when re-booking a client
  • Why I don’t charge for cancellations
  • How that “frequent cancellation” client can just live on your Wait List
  • What to do if you have a gap but you have no one on your Wait List


It doesn’t matter if you are a new hairstylist or a seasoned behind-the-chair rock star, a properly executed Wait List will help you keep your weeks fully booked.  Nobody wants a gap in their day.  Let’s dive in!

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The Salon COVID Screening Protocol You Need to be Using

I wasn’t ready when I got “The Call”. No one was prepared to have a hair salon COVID-19 screening question protocol.


Maybe you’re not ready either.  What is the proper protocol when a contact tracer calls to tell you that someone was CoVID-19 positive when they were recently in the salon?  Is it what your State/County tells you to do?  Is it something you can create yourself?  Do you have a plan?  Is it a good one? 

I feel as if we are in the eye of the storm right now.  We are on the brink of these calls coming in more frequently, especially as more people are getting tested. What if there was one question you could be asking clients that would help you to avoid this situation?

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How to do an Effective Hair Color Consultation

So, you’ve been dumped before. And no, I’m not talking about your boyfriend or hubby. You got dumped by something almost worse, a client – and it doesn’t feel great. The number one reason people leave their hairstylists? Because they don’t feel appreciated or understood. Hair color consultation questions are something you should always have ready to go in your back pocket. 


Consultations are crucial for building client relationships and keeping customers satisfied. You may be thinking, “well, I have great consultations!” Before you get ahead of yourself, get this: According to Lockheartmeyer, 97% of hairstylists claim they give consultations, but only 7% of clients say they have received a consultation before. That’s a HUGE discrepancy. 


If that’s not enough, about 60% of clients walk away from a consultation feeling less than satisfied. If you can turn the tide with consultations in your salon, it’s going to be a massive game-changer for your clientele base AND your income. But how do you break the line of the discrepancy between you and your clients? Simply stated, you educate yourself on the importance of dos and don’ts of consultations — and you can do that with us at Beauty School Remix. 


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Does Developer Damage Your Hair?

Does 20 volume developer damage hair? What about 10 volume?  Stylists, it’s time to talk about developer. 


Determining an accurate developer while formulating artificial hair color is as critical, if not more, than the shades you are formulating with. Developer isn’t something you want to overlook, and if you are: It’s time to invest in your education. News Flash: Hair Texture is the #1 determining factor when choosing the right developer. Choosing the wrong developer may leave you with a color formula with unpredictable results or damage your client’s hair, so it’s vital to make yourself aware of the details of developer.


Let’s not waste time, and dive right into it.

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What are PPDs in Hair Color? An Introduction to Paraphenylenediamine

An Introduction to Paraphenylenediamine


In an age of information, clients are becoming more educated and aware of the products you are using behind the chair. When it comes to artificial hair coloring, you’ll need to know the talking points so you can educate your clients when they have questions. Specifically, what are PPDs in hair color? What is a PPD allergy? What hair dye can I use when allergic? If you can’t answer these for your clients, you should keep reading. 


There’s a lot of information out there about understanding artificial hair color. Therefore, we’re here to help you with the most efficient learning lesson that won’t leave you feeling lost or confused. Let’s get started. 

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Brassy Hair and the Best Ways to Prevent

We’ve covered topics from the hair color wheel to hair structure and ph scale. Next on our list? Underlying pigment. It’s one of the most important things to consider when formulating hair color. Surely, as oftentimes forgot about, it’s time to understanding and utilize underlying pigment.  


When a stylist alters hair from its original color, the underlying pigment is exposed. Each formula starts with warmth from the hair. It’s up to you to decide whether to enhance or control it.  


Beauty School Remix offers a color theory lesson detailing the importance of Underlying Pigment. By enrolling, you’ll learn:


  • Why the Cortex is Important
  • The Two Types of Melanin
  • What “Brassy” Really Means
  • The Level System
  • How Heather thinks about Underlying Pigment
  • Two Formulation Examples
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Can You Color Wet or Damp Hair?

We’re sure you have heard discrepancies among beauty gurus with the day-old question: Can I dye my hair wet? Odds are, you’ve seen the majority of stylists perform hair coloring on a client’s dry hair. It’s the best method, right? 


Beauty School Remix is here to tell you: It’s not. In the contemporary age, techniques develop, progress, and improve. It’s not always useful to stick to old roots (no pun intended). So, can you dye damp hair? And if you can, should you? It’s simple, the answer is YES!


It’s essential to maintain a solid understanding of the hair’s structure, its pH, and the effects the products we use to have on hair. If you don’t, you might want to brush up on the books. Don’t fret, because you can enroll in Beauty School Remix course Hair Structure and pH Scale and learn:


  • Defining important parts of the hair structure 
  • What role do the hair cuticle & hair cortex play in hair color 
  • Hair shaft structure 
  • Why the pH Scale is important to us 
  • What is the pH of the Scalp 
  • Why I don’t shampoo before toner 
  • Why hair color should be applied to damp hair 
  • Can hair actually “get used” to a shampoo
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How to Build Salon Clientele Fast

Let’s talk real. What is the actual foundation of any thriving salon?


You guessed it, the consumers. The clients. Your hard-earned customer base. Each pool of all new and recurring clientele that walk through your door. After all, they are your primary source of income


In the 21st century, all the information and knowledge in the world is at your fingertips. Perhaps you’ve tried a few methods in anticipation of increasing your clientele base. Maybe you’ve heard techniques through the grapevine, and maybe you’ve deep-dived into the swallows of the internet. 


Odds are, you’ve done the research, but the pay-off wasn’t exactly up to your standards. You emerge from your stubborn work feeling like perhaps, you could do better. If that’s the case, don’t worry, because Beauty School Remix tells us – you can. Meanwhile, you’re asking yourself, “how can I get more clients in my chair?” 

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Your Essential Guide to Mastering The Hair Color Wheel

We all know the ins and outs of a basic color wheel. ROY-G-BIV, we hollered, as it embeds into our brains by first-grade art teachers. But as all hair colorists know, the color wheel isn’t just for art class. 


There’s nothing more critical than the color wheel in the eyes of a hair colorist, as it is the backbone for any advantageous coloring methods. Heather Ward Kepshire, the owner of Beauty School Remix, informs us a color wheel determines where colors exist on the palette and becomes an invaluable time-saver in your salon. Successful stylists understand the importance of the color wheel, from client consultations to the color formulationsand so should you. 


In this blog, along with the Beauty School Remix Course Using the Hair Color Wheel, we provide an indispensable guide for colorists engrossed in the understanding of the hair color wheel and its invaluable function in the salon. Read on for tips and tricks to mastering the theory behind the hair color wheel, proudly brought to you by Beauty School Remix. 

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