Home Salon Design Inspiration: McoutureStudio81

I am OBSESSED with the design of this studio: McoutureStudio81.  This is the epitome of industrial chic. 

Photo & Salon Credit: May Sayumporn of McoutureStudio81


This particular salon is located in Chiangmai, in the northern part of Thailand.  I have never traveled to Thailand, but it is definitely on my list of places to go.  And honestly, looking through this salon’s instagram it makes me want to go even more!  Maybe just to get my hair done.  

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Home Salon Design Inspiration: Textured Walls

Another edition of Home Salon Design!  When searching for home salon design inspiration, this salon really stands out. It’s such a beautiful space.  I wish I could give credit to the creator, but they preferred to stay anonymous. 

photo credit: anonymous

Designing a small salon can have some challenges because of the restricted square footage, but also a couple advantages.  One big advantage is you can pick really interesting accents that are easier on the budget since the square footage required is so much less.  For example, take a look at that textured wall!  

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Home Salon Design Inspiration: Studio C

Nothing brings me more joy than scrolling through my feed of beautiful hair and seeing a beautiful salon space!  That is such an amazing accomplishment. When you are in the design phase, it becomes hard to find smaller scale studio, suite, or home-based salon design inspiration.  But I found a good one! I came across this image of a studio salon, and I loved it.  The salon is called Studio C.

Photo Credit: Carissa N Chris Thompson


 It looks so welcoming and updated.   Here are a couple things that are really working well for this salon design:  

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