How to Build Salon Clientele Fast

Let’s talk real. What is the actual foundation of any thriving salon?


You guessed it, the consumers. The clients. Your hard-earned customer base. Each pool of all new and recurring clientele that walk through your door. After all, they are your primary source of income


In the 21st century, all the information and knowledge in the world is at your fingertips. Perhaps you’ve tried a few methods in anticipation of increasing your clientele base. Maybe you’ve heard techniques through the grapevine, and maybe you’ve deep-dived into the swallows of the internet. 


Odds are, you’ve done the research, but the pay-off wasn’t exactly up to your standards. You emerge from your stubborn work feeling like perhaps, you could do better. If that’s the case, don’t worry, because Beauty School Remix tells us – you can. Meanwhile, you’re asking yourself, “how can I get more clients in my chair?” 

so, what does it take to market yourself effectively?

Here’s your long-awaited answer: creating an action plan. In fact, research means nothing without implementation. Build a hair salon clientele fast with Beauty School Remix’s FREE hand guide, and discover actual action-steps you can take today to get new hair clients and grow your salon clientele as quickly as possible.


Likewise, by downloading ‘Build Your Clientele Fast,’ written personally by owner Heather Ward Kepshire, you’ll learn more about:

  • Empower Existing Clients to Become Your Recruiters 
  • Two Ways to Structure a Rewards Program
  • No Clients? No Problem
  • How to Determine the Value of the Reward
  • Passive Referrals VS Active Referrals
  • Show Me the Money: The Results
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Why Other Methods Don’t Work


So, how long does it take to build clientele as a hairstylist, even from zero?

“After implementing the program, it only took one month to see real growth and about three months for my schedule to fill up so I could phase out the Rewards Program. In addition, by month 9, I hit my year one financial goal: I had a full book, and the salon was set up perfectly for a price increase on my first anniversary,” says Heather. 


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from zero to hero

Even if you don’t have a single client even to start with, Heather’s got a fail-proof strategy to build your business from square one with unique salon service ideas. Furthermore, from building up her clientele four times in three states coast to coast, Heather’s got the inside scoop on the dos and don’ts of how to build a hair clientele fast.


Additionally, you will learn the methods and tricks that may be a waste of your time. Beauty School Remix says no to: 

  • No Groupon
  • Bloggers
  • Influencers
  • Cross-promotions with local business owners
  • Social Media


But don’t worry – we’re here to teach you the fastest, most efficient way to build up a loyal client base from zero in no time. Trust us. 

Download this FREE hand guide and learn the effortless, boots-on-the-ground guerilla approach to building a clientele as fast as possible, so you don’t ever have to worry about getting clients, you just have to do hair.


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