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FAQ's about Beauty School Remix

How it Works



FAQ’s about Beauty School Remix

Owner’s Suite Questions

What’s the biggest benefit to Salon Owners using this education?

Your staff can learn at a pace you dictate to them, but on their own time. No more Mondays spent in the salon with a flip chart going over color theory. Your staff also will have increased accountability, the lessons are available 24/7 for them, no more lost binders or excuses.

How It Works:

Everything is hosted on this website for optimal performance, video playback speeds, and ease of use. Plus, you can ensure your students can access their lessons from any device, anywhere, anytime… No excuses. However, you will have the option to download most resources (workbooks, homework, teacher’s guide, etc) if you’d prefer to print them.

How Many Employees Can I Put Through this course?

Ten. The purchase of the “Owner’s Suite” will reserve you 10 spots of enrollment in the entire course (12 lessons) over a 1 year term. If you have more than 10 employees to enroll in any 1 year period, additional spots of enrollment can be purchased for a reduced rate of $49 per student.

Are there Quizzes?

Yes. The Owner’s Suite is the only package that includes 4 quizzes (one for each section).

How Do I Enroll My Employees?

After your purchase, you will be given 10 codes (one for each student) that will allow your employees to enroll in the full curriculum. Each employee will sign up with Beauty School Remix, creating their own account, and then using the code you have given them they will be enrolled in the curriculum. Once enrolled, they can learn at their own pace, on their own time, and have access to these lessons from anywhere. You just need decided what schedule they will be on.

Need Additional Help Enrolling Employees?

No problem. After you purchase, if you’d prefer to send us the employees’s email address we can invite them to class on your behalf and get them set up so you don’t have to worry about it.

What about Models?

Although Beauty School Remix is strictly theory based, model work is highly encouraged. A helpful guide on when models should be incorporated is included in the suggested schedules you can pick from for your salon, you as the owner will need to facilitate the class that models are part of, but there are tips on it in the Teacher’s Guide.